To Stay Fit & Healthy Eat Your Diet According To Your Blood Group

Diet is the most important factor for our health, People who do exercise take their diet according to their diet plan but there is another factor which leads to a good health & weight loss is diet according to the blood group. If you are taking diet according to your blood group whether your blood group is A, B, AB or O taking diet according to the blood group can be more beneficial for a good health. Blood type diet was created by the famous Naturopath Mr Peter J D’Adamo in 1996. He claimed that the food we consume reacts chemically with our blood type. So blood type diets can help us to maintain a good digestion and prevent from diseases. To opt this type of diet we suggest you should consult a good nutritionist.

Recommendations for Blood Type Diets:

1. Diet for type A blood Group: People having A blood group are recommend to have a limited meat diet and eat more fruits, beans and vegetables. According to Mr DÁdamo such type of people tend to have a sensitive immune system. People having this type of blood group are susceptible to obesity and diabetes.

2. Diet for type B blood Group: People having B blood group should not eat corn, tomatoes, peanuts, and poultry in their diet. They should eat eggs, green vegetable and low fat products for a good health. People with this type of blood group have higher than normal level of cortisol hormone which may lead to various disease like obesity and autoimmune diseases.

3. Diet for type AB blood Group: People having AB blood group should eat seafood, dairy and green vegetables. This type blood group people are prone to digestive trouble so they should avoid alcohol, caffeine and smoked meats.

4. Diet for type O blood Group: People having O blood group are recommended to eat high protein diet like fish, poultry and vegetables and they should avoid caffeine and alcohol as they are prone to digestive problems. In this blood group O- is a rare blood group. So a good blood type diet can make you healthier as compare to an unplanned diet.

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