Spicy chili hot dogs famous in the U.S. and it’s very delicious and tasty recipe. All ingredients are easily found.

cooking time 

Total time – 40 min

Yield – 4 servings


Onion – 1 chopped (medium size)

Garlic – 2 cloves chopped

Ground beef – 1 pound lean

Chili powder – 1 Tsp

Yellow mustard – 2 tbsp prepared

Ketchup – 2 ½ cup

Cheese (cheddar) – ½ cup grated

Salt – Add to taste

Ground black pepper – ¼ tsp

Beef Hotdog – 4

Hotdog rolls – 4

Olive oil


Let’s start cooking the spicy chili hot dogs.

Put a frying pan over medium heat and drizzle in an exceedingly 2-count of vegetable oil. Once the oil gets hazy, add the onion and garlic and cook, stirring, till it’s soft and clear, concerning five minutes. Add the bottom beef, breaking it up with the rear of a spoon, and cook till nicely brunette, concerning ten additional minutes. Stir within the condiment, seasonal, and mustard and simmer for quarter-hour till thickened. Taste with salt and pepper.

While the chili is a change of state, get the grills going. Place an outsized grill pan on two burners over medium-high heat or heat up an out of doors gas or charcoal barbecue and acquire it very popular. Take many paper towels and fold them many times to create a thick sq… Blot a little amount of oil on the towel. Then fastidiously and quickly wipe the recent grates of the grill to create a slippery broil surface.

Bring a pot of water up to a simmer and cook the dogs for concerning five minutes. Take them out of the water, pat them dry, and grill them simply long enough to mark them. (That’ll provide them a grilled flavor too.) Brush the insides of the rolls with vegetable oil and lay them face down on the grill; cook till toasty. To serve, place a dog in every roll and prime with the chili hot dogs and a few stores grated of cheeses.

Serve hot, delicious, and spicy chili hot dogs.

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