If You Were a Hotdog Would You EAT Yourself

There is an endless list of interested topics that are handed over to us for Hotdog. Like…

If you were a hotdog would you eat yourself?

Now you tell me friends if your one hand is yummy would you eat yourself, if your one leg is tasty would you eat yourself or if your any body part is eatable would you eat that part!

Guys! What really matters to you? Is it likes or dislikes? You should know why you are searching this question? Ask yourself because we all know that these are two different things whose existence is different. One is food and another is human being.

Aarti Sharma nutritionist says, Yes it would be get difficult to answer this. Because we cannot compare a food with our body parts. We do have so many options to eat. If you can do this still avoid consumption of yourself. We know hotdog is a mouthwatering and yummy food and we can make easily still we are human beings. Every person wants to grow like any person does not want to be like that is the nature of man that he is not satisfied with his present condition, wants to move forward, people say to say that we are cool in our optional food as hotdog But the reality is that no person wants to be restricted to the hotdog.

At last hotdog is hotdog, no one can place it. Enjoy your today hotdog with mustard sauce, chilli flakes, oreganos and your favourite drink.

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