If I Would be a Hotdog Will I Eat Myself?

Before going to answer let go through the situations

Imagine how it will be when you will have a spoon in one hand a knife in another and your one leg in the plate on table to eat.
Yes, it will be awkward may be how to eat in this difficult position or hot to cut our body part.

Thinking about the difference

Having a party with having platter full of veggies and burger whereas burger full of veggies and hand.

I will go with the first option.

When i was 6 years old i was scared of having lady finger because of the translation of name but imagining this will lead to interesting part when there will be no difference from now…

Now take our imagination to real world where people actually eat pigs, dogs, and many other creatures for there satisfaction, nutrient-rich body
But the main point is when you cannot eat your body part or your loving one’s how you can have some Animal for your needs, satisfaction and enjoyment.

They have the right to live just like we do.

They have right to spend time with their family just like we have.

They have right to Rome freely just like we have.

Let’s get through it by an example-:

A guy was paralyzed he belongs to an pure veg family. After some tests, doctor said there are chances he can walk but he has to consume non vegetarian food. His family disagreed, but after some years the guy questioned his mom
Why dad didn’t allow me to eat non- veg when there were chances that i could able to walk

Mom replied -: Son as you can’t walk and move, you cannot do anything

So should we donate your eyes, lungs, heart etc?

As eggs are considered to be as baby which has not born yet it doesn’t means they don’t have a right to live
Animals don’t speak in your language so they do not have a family or loving ones

No, i will not waste myself as a Hotdog, burger or anything else…

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