How To Make Hotdog

Yesterday I made “Hotdog” for dinner. I want to experiment on some new ingredients. I choose this recipe/dish because Hotdog is yummy and time saving and easy to make. In Australia Hotdog is very popular. Do you know Why?

Australian Hotdog and other dishes like Tim Tams, Pavlova, Bowen Mangoes, Dim sim, Burgers and many more are now approaching global standards. Because of their healthy ingredients and unique style of service. Their kitchen is full of best to the best equipment and qualified chef. The countries employment rate is 96%. Australia is the 2nd wealthiest nation after Switzerland. The main source of income in Australia is Beef products and Wheat. They introduce various types of hotdog recipes. The demand is very high. All restaurants and Cafe do not realise bad welcome. They devote a lot of time and money to the interior, food quality and gesture of guest.

Keeping this in mind I put so many “Hotdog” recepies here in our Blog… Here the greeter or the person you encounter when you first, second or multiple times walk into the cafe/restaurants is a key employee. They should know regular guest by face, should be familiar with the enter or booking table time and table availability and should be able to make you feel welcome.

As you are led to the table, every staff member around you will maintain eye contact and smile and will also welcome you. This may seem like a small thing but it makes and enormous difference to the guest’s mood.

At every hotdog cafe and restaurants the transition from hostess to serving staff is smooth. They will seat you at your table and go. And then, after some time your waiter or server will appear with menus and ask what you want to drink, But here the hostess and waiter may have already taken your drinks order.

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