Hotdog Sandwich Ingredients

Here we have collected a few easy-to-make recipes to help you whip up some comfort food when it is pouring outside. If it’s your birthday, anniversary or any other special occasion, celebrate your every important day with our tasty “hotdog”.

Hotdogforus introduces a lavish recipe for you. So get cooking guys !

Diet Hotdog:

Ingredients :

Multigrain / whole-wheat roasted hotdog bun

Some sprouts

Cucumber (4-5 slices)

Capsicum (4-5 slices)

Black/Green 4-5 pices of Olives

Sauces : Mustard & tomato

Curry powder to taste

Prepration Time : (7miutes)

Place hot dog in bun; top with given ingredients and sprinkle with curry powder.

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