Foods that you should be avoided before a workout

1- Milk: Milk can make you feel bloated and lethargic. It’s best to skip the milk in tea or coffee and opt for just plain black coffee, green coffee, green tea, black tea or lemon tea.

2- Baked Goods : Stop a habit to grabbing a blueberry muffin before a workout as high glycemic foods that are made with white sugar and refined flour causes insulin to spike and also cause a drop in blood sugar levels. This can make you feel sluggish.

3- Alcohol : Alcohol is a main cause of dehydration and workout under the influence of alcohol is not safe.

4- carbonated drink/water : Carbonated water contain gas bubbles that can easily fill you up. Feeling full during a workout can hamper your performance and make you feel tired.

5- Fruit juice : Fruit juice can overwhelm the liver and cause a rapid rise in blood sugar. the liquid fructose will reach your small and large intestines quickly causing quick fermentation and influx of water in the colon could lead to bloating and diarrhea.

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