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Indigestion is a very common problem among people who are fond of eating and
indigestion can attack stomach for a number of reasons like over eating or by oily
food. So indigestion can make you feel uncomfortable or it can create gas in
stomach. In order to avoid indigestion or to maintain a good health people should
take care of their diet.

Symptoms of Indigestion or Bad Health

1. After having a meal if you feel like gassy or if you feel uncomfortable then it
might be because of the meal taken, fatty, spicy or greasy food can be huge
culprits for indigestion which may lead to gas in stomach of uncomfortable

2. Mealtime is also an important factor for the good health because if we would
not take our meal on time & if we would eat too fast or too much then it can
cause gas in the stomach or it can make feel uncomfortable in stomach.

3. Indigestion can also be caused due to medical problems such as celiac or ulcer,
gallstones and intestinal blockage.
Prevention of Indigestion:

1. The best way to prevent from indigestion is to prevent it from happening
In the very first stage.

2. Eat slowly and chew your food properly and also try to minimize the intake
of air while you are eating, if you are prone to indigestion trey to avoid oily
and spicy food try eating smaller and frequent meals throughout the day.

3. Try to know your food triggers which leads you to indigestion then avoid

How to get relief from Indigestion:

In order to get relief from indigestion you can take following:

1. A cup of peppermint.
2. A cup of ginger tea.
3. Medical salts like ENO.

All these can give a big relief from indigestion after having these remedial

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