Diet Which Works To Stay Fit


Singer Shakti Khatri: The Rising singer Mr Shakti Khatri is very fit due to his balanced diet and routine workout, As he is a singer he also give preference to his health because now a days singers not only a behind the mic voice, singer are the celebrity face with a good voice and physique, here are some healthy diet tips by Mr Shakti Khatri.

Which is the one breakfast that you must have?

Fat free milk with at least 2-3 slices of brown bread as your breakfast or you may also include boiled eggs in your breakfast.

One fattening food item that you just can’t resist?

Aloo samosa is the one food which I can’t resist. As I know it is oily food but as we all have our favourite foods whether it is a junk food or it is some other food like south Indian or Punjabi food.

How do you get back in shape post a fattening indulgence?

In this condition I stop eating oily foods and reduce the consumption of sweets and also the consumption of carbo food during night and I start morning walk or running in the morning on regular basis.

Do you prefer mini meals? What do the normally contain?

I usually prefer to eat two good meals whole day and a light meal during night, my meals mostly contain the healthy food like less oily food.

A Diet plan that always work for you?

Less oily food and less carbo containing diet always works for me, mostly I avoid junk food and eat healthy diet including fruits.

Do you prefer outdoor or indoor physical activities?

Ya outdoor activities I like most in which I follow playing sports and doing exercise too.

What are your favorite physical activities?

Exercise in gym and playing cricket during free time mostly on Sundays are my favorite physical activities.

A healthy tip that you rely on?

Try to eat healthy food including a protein rich diet, avoid oily and junk food also avoid carbohydrate rich diet and protect from overeating during night take a light meal in night.

Fitness mantra & tips you want to give people?

I only want to say stay away from junk & oily food if you want a fit and healthy body only try to eat 3 meals per day which include less carbohydrate, Try to go on morning walk.

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