Chicago Hot Dog Festival

Chicago Hot Dog Festival

Hot dog festival is celebrated in Chicago every year which is world famous by the name of “Chicago Hot Dog Festival”. The Chicago hot dot festival has become one of the largest festival to honor the red hot. More than 30 thousand people attend this fest annually to enjoy the unique red hot varieties of hot dogs from different different vendors.

This hot dog fest organized in August every year presented by Chicago History Museum. In this festival people can enjoy various type of delicious hot dogs along with the music performed by various bands.

Activities Of Hot Dog Festival: People can enjoy various type of activities like

  • History of Hot Dog on stage
  • Step Right Up’s to the world fair
  • Baseball in Chicago
  • Performances by Amplified: Chicago Blues during their visit to this hot dog festival.

Entry Fee For Hot Dog Fest

To enter in this hot dog festival there is a suggested $5 donation and $20 suggested donation for a family at the entry point of this festival venue and food & drinks are also available for purchase using tickets.

This year 2018, this festival was organized for 3 days from 10th August to 12th August and various hot dog lovers came here from round the corner of America to enjoy the various hot dog varieties along with drinks and music. This three day festival was really very interesting for the family and individuals, here they came to know about the history of hot dog and enjoyed various entertaining performances, and kids also enjoyed a lot here.

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